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Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a disorder which affects the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints of the hand, wrist and arm.

It can become severely disabling if ignored and  its best known form is vibration white finger (VWF) which can be triggered by cold or wet weather and can cause severe pain in the affected fingers.


Signs to look out for in hand-arm vibration syndrome:

  • Tingling and numbness in the fingers;
  • In the cold and wet, fingers go white, then blue, then red and are painful;
  • You can’t feel things with your fingers;
  • Pain, tingling or numbness in your hands, wrists and arms;
  • Loss of strength in hands.

We provide an initial screening and ongoing annual screening for HAVS.

Please download and complete the attached forms as required:

HAVS Questionnaire Form